Sunday, March 9, 2008


Have you got a bi-cycle. Use it more frequently or use public transport than take the car out. It is not an crazy idea. Observe the pictures while read through my subject.

Have you seen the factories in your locality doing unethical practice of releasing factory exhausts or untreated sewers. Do organize a forum to fight against such activities. Boycott the products that are produced without adhering to environment safety norms.

Switch off the fan, light, Air conditioner, room heaters and other electrical appliances, if such are running unnecessarily. It is also not a crazy idea considering the fact that to produce the quantum of such wasted electricity so much coal is being burned.

Gases naturally present in the atmosphere, particularly Carbon-di-oxide (CO2) help to keep earth warm by trapping heat from the sun, that would otherwise radiate or get reflected back out into space. This is called GREEN HOUSE EFFECT.

The burning of fuel such as oil in motor vehicles, coal and wood in factories and homes produce excessive amount of carbon-di-oxide thereby retaining excess heat. The atmospheric Concentration of CO2 is leads to warming up the world. Rising levels of these green house gases (carbon-di-oxide and others) leads to Global Warming. If the rate of this is going on it is predicted that Earth would warm up by 4 degree celcius over the next 50 years.

This will results in the melting of glacier, increasing sea level thereby shrinking the human habitats.

See the shrinking caps in Antarctica

Mind it. No other planet in the universe is still found that suits the conditions similar to our mother earth, except the running of the rumor mills. Hence, let us do a bit on our part to save the environment.


Anonymous said...

yes....fuel and earth have to be saved and pollution has to be REDUCED...and i mean drastically...
it cant go on for land will be left out for us if the ice bergs and glaciers melt.....

gkrishnan said...

Have u heard the first flight use of biofuel. Tap the solar, hydal and other non-conventional sources, a small step in this direction is a big leap for our environs.Thanks for the discussions.