Thursday, February 28, 2008

A kind of man-made rain - Acid Rain

We heard and termed rains as tropical rain, summer rain, winter rain, monsoon rain, etc. These are bounty by nature for mankind when it falls at right time, right place and right quantity (which happened till the arrival of “EL NINO”). But certain activities of the human beings, unmindful of its impact on the environment, cause the rain to pollute.

The above image shown here is the giant industrial complex at Norilsk, in Russia’s remote Arctic region, is accused of being world’s largest producer of acid rain.

Please take note that, our living comforts shouldn’t make the earth as dangerous place to live with, “for the generations to com”.

Acid Rain

The above image is a Spruce forest damaged by acid rain.

Burning fossil fuel results in the formation of air pollutants like

nitrogen dioxide,
carbon dioxide, and
sulphurous oxides.

These gases dissolve in water and clouds forming "nitric oxide" and "sulphuric acid". These water falls down as "acid rain". It is very harmful. When it falls on buildings and statutes they damage them extensively. Some lakes too have become acidic due to dissolved acidic vapors thereby fish and birds which relied on it have died. The acid rain speeds up the rusting of iron, erodes marble, limestone and even concrete. It kills plants and reduces soil fertility.

These kinds of rain is prominent near the east coast of America and near Europe.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Earthquakes are tremors in the ground, created by the sudden movement of tectonic plates-huge slabs of rock that make up the Earth's crust. Tectonic plates usually slide past each other, but sometimes get stuck together. The stress on the rocks accumulates until they crack. The tectonic plates then jolt pass each other, sending shock waves through the ground. These vibrations are known as seismic waves, thus causing the earth to quake. The majority of earthquakes are so gentle that no one notices them, but some are very violent that they can destroy a whole city or a town. One of the famous earthquakes in Europe took place in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1755. The city was destroyed and at least thirty thousand people were killed. In 1908, in Calabria and Sicily, a quake killed more than seventy-five thousand people. Two great earthquakes caused enormous damage took place in Tokyo, Japan, and in the Kansu Province in China.
  • Epicenter of the earthquake
The point at which the earthquake occurs is known as the focus, and above the focus is the epicenter. The epicenter is the point at which the effects of the earthquake is more devastating in the earth's surface. The focus may be more than the 700 km(approximately 185 miles) below the epicenter.
  • Earthquake zones
Earthquakes can occur anywhere, but they are more frequent in the earthquake zones. The earthquake zones such as California and Japan lies near the margins of the tectonic plates called the fault lines.
  • Seismometer
These show seismic waves and measure an earthquake's location and intensity on the Richter scale. The height of each line shows the wave's force.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Unidentified Flying objects(UFO's)

This is the Photo of a purported UFO over New Hampshire in 1870; known as the mystery airship.

A triangular ufo seen in the black country

The popular name for them is "flying saucers". Studies of the saucer report show that UFO's are ver different from one another. Some people report they have seen flat saucers; and the others saucers shaped like spheres, cigars or doughnuts. The colours of saucers seem to be different as their sizes. Some seem to change colour as they are being watched.Saucers have been seen to move in every direction and varying speeds. They move straight up or down, turn at right angles, or travel in a zigzag path. They can hang motionless in the air, and make either a hissing noise or a roar. When the investigation was undertaken by the United States Air Force of the flying saucers report,it discovered that people weren't "imaging" what they saw. Everyone who reported a flying saucer had seen something. But what? It may be a weather ballon, a satellite, a cloud, a meteor, a star, a bird, a comet, a planet, or fireworks. It was also called as sun dogs. They are images of the sun reflected through ice crystals. If saucers were really spaceships, there would be a certain pattern in the reports about them. But there is no such pattern. So scientists believe that there is no evidence that we are being visited, watched, or invaded by intelligent beings from other worlds