Friday, March 7, 2008

Burning Earth

Wildfire, natures fury or man made?

illustration of a forest fire

Wildfires are a growing natural hazard in most regions of the world, posing a threat to life and property, particularly where native ecosystems meet developed areas. In addition, the secondary effects of wildfires, including erosion, landslides, introduction of invasive species, and changes in water quality, are often more disastrous than the fire itself.
It is researched and found that the most cause of forest fire are mainly due to the deliberate human action. The after effects of wild fire can be classified as adverse and beneficial

The adverse effects are
  1. The immediate impact of forest fires can be devastating to human communities and forest ecosystems such as the loss and degradation of forested land,

  2. opening up areas to invasion by fast-colonizing alien species and threaten biological diversity.

  3. Consequences on biodiversity, health as life-threatening levels of pollutants. and the economy, among others.
On the positive side,

  1. Fire is sometimes essential for forest regeneration,
  2. The leftover fertile the soil and thereby provides tangible benefits for local communities.

As the ill effects of wildfires are on the higher side than the benefits and escalated wildfires are dreadful to imagine.

The preventive actions

  • Prevent the firing of dry grasses, bush, slash and other debris nearby the forest area
  • Avoiding the carelessly lit campfire, cooking fire or bonfire in the forest area
  • Do away the habit of smoking while moving from one place to another in forest area.
  • On using power saws, keep muffler and fire extinguishers in handy
  • To see that cars and other vehicles that operated in the forest are having a proper exhaust system.
On the effects of GLOBAL WARMING,

s add an estimated 3.5 × 1015 g to atmospheric carbon emissions each year, or roughly 40% of fossil fuel carbon emissions. And these suggest that the new sources of carbon emissions will accelerate the buildup of greenhouse gases and could provide a feed-forward acceleration of global warming.

See a sample of the monster's face here

This happened in the mountain region of central Idaho. On August 13th, 2007, the Cascade Complex wildfires - overran a fire camp where several hundred firefighters and support personnel were camped. The fire that threatened the camp had been burning with similar intensity in the woods for over 2 weeks before it touched the camp.

Guys, are you hearing ?


Anonymous said...

hmm...i agree...forest fires are not sumthing that we shld leave it as it is...
though it isnt entirely our fault....mostly it is...a minor contribution is by the nature thunder and thunderstorms

Anonymous said...

forest fire also results in loss of many animal life and loss in trees...

so ppl who go into cautious...put out the fire if u have a camp fire...

gkrishnan said...

even though the nature's part is there in the incident, what i emphasis is to avoid human part of error that caused dear to the nature and environment.

Anonymous said...

big words in a small sentence...

but i agree....

natures part is for purpose but ours???!!!