Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mount Everest

People used to think that Kangchenjunga was the world's highest mountains. Then, in 1852, the Great Trigonometrical Survey, of India, was completed, which measured all the countries land features. The Survey showed that Mount Everest(then called Peak XV) was the world's highest mountain. The mountains name was suggested in 1865, as a tribute to the Surveyor General of India at that time, that is, Sir George Everest, who led the Survey.

The height of Mount Everest reckoned to be 8840 metre, which has since been adjusted as improved measuring methods have been used.

Mt. Everest is a part of the Great Himalayan Range, and forms a natural border, between China and Nepal. It is believed that the mountain rises its height 4 metre every year.

The mountain range is young-fold mountain range. It is formed when the Eurasian and Indian techtonic plates collided 30 to 50 million years ago.

Mount Everest is also called as a Mountain of Junk. The people and their teams who have climbed Mt. Everest have dropped more than 50 tonnes of rubbish. In 2001, local guides collected more than 6 tonnes of paper bags, tents, ropes, clothes, aluminium ladders, batteries, oxygen bottles and plastic cans. Nepal, now charges 3,000 euros deposit which is returned only if they remove all their rubbish.

Hillary, Sir Edmund Percival, mountain climber and Antarctic explorer, who, with the Nepalese Sherpa Tenzing Norkay, was the first to reach the summit of Mount, the world’s highest peak.

Mount Everest is Southern Tibet

More than 1,000 people have climbed Mount Everest, since it was conquered in 1953.

Climbing activity continues to increase, however, and the environmental future of the Mount Everest area remains uncertain.

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